Samet Shabani

Samet Shabani is one of co-founders and current president of Horizon Civitas. He holds a BA Degree on Political Science and International Relations from Istanbul University. Currently, he is an MA Candidate on Management at International Burch University, and Fellow at School of Public Policy by CRPM.

During his university years in Istanbul, he has been active in many volunteer engagements such as European Students representative at university (2011-14) and Official Student Representative of Macedonia at Directorate for Education in Turkey (2010-14). Due to its active involvement by organizing plenty activities in this capacity, he was honored with a special gratitude by Presidency of Macedonia.

In the last four years, Samet has actively worked for various CSOs and university institution, all being related to capacity of project administration or management. He also worked in honoraria-based projects and also provided consultancies for some institutions such as OSCE and British Council.

Samet has participated in many non-formal educational programs. One of remarkable for him is being the Fellow of LEAD MK Fellowship Program at Civic Engagement Project by USAID Macedonia. Currently, he is Mentor of the same program.

Beside those, Samet has published two policy research papers, wrote many articles, hold many presentations and media appearances, primarily in the topic of countering violent extremism. His area of interest also includes EU Integration of Macedonia and public policy. Samet speaks fluently in five languages.



Amir Kadri

Amir Kadri Is an Editor in chief on regional, private radio station in albanian language, Radio Vati.
He is journalist with 7 years work experience in the field of journalism, indeed the branch of investigative journalism.
The last year he was working as project assistant at Analytica Tink Tank.
He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Communication Sciences from South Eastern European University.
He speaks Macedonian and English.